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Ep. 101 - Understated Updates Are Fun!

Ep. 101 - Understated Updates Are Fun!

September 25, 2020

The Cloud provides Brenda, Matthew, and Ryan a whole lot to talk about, as well as updates to Atlassian's other flagship applications. Articles discussed this episode include...

Atlassian Cloud:"

Jira Software 8.12.2 and JSD 4.12.2:

Confluence 7.7.4:

Preparing for Confuence 7.8:

Bitbucket 7.6:

Learn for Jira Webinar:

New Adaptavist website design!

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Ep. 100 - 100 Episodes And Still Updating

Ep. 100 - 100 Episodes And Still Updating

September 11, 2020

On this centennial episode of the Atlassian Ecosystem Podcast, Brenda, Matthew, and Ryan reminisce a little bit and then dive deep into all the recent Atlassian news that's fit to print, including:

Cloud updates August 24 - September 7"

Jira 8.12.x & 8.12.1:"

Confluence 7.7.3:

Adaptavist's Digital Etiquette report:

ScriptRunner Champion Hour, 24 September:

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