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Ep. 113 - All’s Quiet On The Atlassian Front

Ep. 113 - All’s Quiet On The Atlassian Front

March 26, 2021

Brenda, Ryan, and special guest host Danny Coleman explore a light couple of weeks in Atlassian news, including...

Atlassian Cloud Updates, 8-22 March:

Confluence Graphical Design Features:

Cloud to Cloud Migration:

Bitbucket DC / Server 7.11.1:

Two Stories from the Bitbucket Blog:

Ending support for Live plans (Legacy interface) in Advanced Roadmaps:

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Ep. 112 - Podcast, The Next Generation

Ep. 112 - Podcast, The Next Generation

March 12, 2021

On this bold new episode of the podcast, Matthew, Brenda, and Ryan explore updates, name changes, acquisitions, and more!

Adaptavist Presents Workflow Steps for Jira:

Atlassian Cloud Updates, 22 February - 8 March:

Name changes for Next-Gen and Classic projects on Jira Cloud:

Jira Server for Slack Security Advisory 17th February 2021:

Jira Work Management:

Atlassian Certification Accelerator at Team 2021:

Chartio is joining Atlassian:

New Atlassian Ecosystem Vendor Getint: