The Atlassian Ecosystem Podcast by Adaptavist

Ep. 104 - Escape From Existential Dread With Updates From Atlassian

November 6, 2020

On this edition of The Atlassian Ecosystem Podcast, Brenda, Ryan, and special guest Danny Coleman ignore events outside of the Atlassian Ecosystem completely and cover topics including...

Atlassian Cloud, 19 October - 2 November:"

JSW 8.13.1:

JSD 4.13.1:

Confluence 7.8.3:

Bitbucket Server 7.7:

Bitbucket Cloud outages postmortem:

Trello's Future Plans:

And, we proudly announce the debut of Team Titans Season 2 featuring best-selling author and CEO of the Marketing Society, Sophie Devonshire, next week on 13.11.20

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