The Atlassian Ecosystem Podcast by Adaptavist

Ep. 66 - GDPR Strikes Back, Project Configurator 3, And More!

May 3, 2019

With Brenda away, Matthew and Ryan explore the Atlassian Ecosystem and review:

Adaptavist Releases Project Configurator 3.0:

!!!EXCLUSIVE PODCAST OFFER!!! Project Configurator 3.0 for 50% OFF:

Atlassian API Changes and more in Cloud and Server to comply with and go beyond GDPR:

Confluence 6.15.3 Bug Fixes Galore:

VSCode integration with BitBucket:

We Missed this Last Episode! Atlassian Aquires Good Software:

Looking Ahead(Server and Data Center):

Adaptavist's SAFe Whitepaper:

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