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Ep. 67 - Repos Held For Ransom, The Future Of Server/DC, A Chat With HR, And More!

May 17, 2019

On this edition of Adaptavist Live: Brenda, Matthew, and Ryan discuss...

Bitbucket Ransomware Incident:

An Interview with George Totev:

Bitbucket Server 6.3:

Confluence 6.15.4:

The Developers Blog, featuring GDPR & Confluence 7 EAP:

Get out your favorite popcorn gifs for... Community Post: The Future of Server and Data Center:

Changes to Atlassian Cloud Profiles:

Ultimate Permissions Manager acquired by Atlassian:

Zapier Integration with JSD Cloud:

Beyond Zapier:

A Conversation with Neil Penny, Adaptavist L&D Consultant:

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