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Ep. 76 - News, Updates, Silo Destruction, And A Response From Riada

October 4, 2019

On this edition of Adaptavist Live, Brenda, Matthew, and Ryan interview Riada's CEO, Tommy Nordahl, and review updates in the Atlassian ecosystem including:

Jira 8.4.1:

Atlassian Access Required for SAML in the Cloud:

Cloud: New Issue View:

Portfolio 3.11:

Bitbucket 6.7:

Buh bye, IE11:

Atlas Camp Review:

Improved App Management in Jira Server:

How to Vaporize Information Silos:

Special Guest, Riada CEO Tommy Nordahl, joins us to follow up on an article from a few weeks ago:

Come see Adaptavist at Slack Frontiers London:

Ryan's headed to the SF Bay for Tech and Transformation in Gaming:

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