The Atlassian Ecosystem Podcast by Adaptavist

Ep. 85 - Follow - Ups, News, And Special Guest Christian Reichert, CEO Of Re:Solution

February 28, 2020

Matthew and Ryan dive into updates, news, and more from around the Atlassian ecosystem, as well as have a chat with Re:Solution Founder & CEO Christian Reichert about user management and security. Articles covered include...

Adaptavist Launches 6 Trello Apps!:

Jira 8.7.1:

Confluence 7.3.2:

Portfolio 3.21:

Atlassian Cloud

Bitbucket 6.10.1

Bamboo 7 EAP

Sign up for Forge private beta

Conversation with Re:Solution's founder & CEO, Christian Reichert:

Acquisitions and VC Funding (from the developer blog):

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