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Ep. 87 - Jira 8 - 8, Bitbucket 7 - 1, Trello Fun, And Elephant Dodging For Everyone

March 27, 2020

This week on Adaptavist Live, Matthew and Ryan hang out with the elephant in the room and discuss:

Jira 8.8:

Non-clustered data center blog:

Enhanced Audit Log in Jira 8.8:

Bitbucket 7.1:

Trello Remote Cooking Challenge:

And we're pleased to announce two special episodes to be released next week: Exclusive "What's New From Adaptavist" on Tuesday, March 31st AND, the launch of our new show: Adaptavist Live: Team Titans.

This show will focus on the stories of people with unique perspectives on work itself; leading teams, building tools, and defining (or maybe destroying) processes, and will debut with an interview with Agile Manifesto co-signatory Jon Kern on Friday, April 3rd.

Thanks for spending time with us on Adaptavist live.

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