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Team Titans Ep. 3 - Technical Consultant Jennifer Eolin

May 1, 2020

On this episode of Team Titans, Technical Consultant Jennifer Eolin joins Ryan to discuss her journey from the entertainment industry to tech, specifically project management and data science. She also explains how lessons learned in one can easily work in the other.

Jennifer tells us about how Pixar's "Story Spine" can work for anyone assembling a report, why reports can lie (and what to do to ensure that they're not lying to you), and how to better create value by giving your project a pulse.

Links: Pixar's Story Spine:

Why Charts Lie:

Data Story:

Team Titans is a podcast about the stories of people with unique perspectives on work itself; leading teams, building tools, and defining (or maybe destroying) processes. New episodes are released bi-weekly on the Adaptavist Live podcast network.

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